Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Having a Giveaway!!!!

I'm Having a Giveaway!!!!

What is the prize?

These BEAUTIFUL earrings!!!

There will be 6 ways to enter in for the drawing. For each thing you do,
it will be worth a specified amount of entries!

1~Leave a Comment on this post! (In the comment leave a list of all of the other things you did to gain extra entries.) ~ 1 entry

2~ Give a Shout-Out on your blog for this blog or my etsy site! ~ 2 entries

3~ Add this blog as a link to your sidebar! ~ 2 entries

4~ Add my etsy site to your sidebar! ~ 2 entries

5~ Purchase a piece of jewelry! ~ 5 entries

6~ Order a CUSTOM piece of jewelry! ~ 5 entries

The Contest dead-line will be October 5!

So make sure to get all of your entries in before then!

Also make sure to leave an email so I can contact you when you win!


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

Mariah Great GIVEAWAY! Hope it goes well. . . and that I win! I have you on my side bar too!

(I would give you a shout out right now but I am leaving my contest on top of my posts till its up. . . so I will for sure once mine is over so Sept 30! So you can put me down for that too, cause I will do it!)

anoyce said...

YES! I love giveaways and I LOVE your jewelry! I'm adding your blog and etsy link to my blog...NOW!

Mary said...

I love these earrings! Gorgeous! I want to win! :) I gave a shout-out on my blog, and your blog and Etsy site are linked on the side! Good luck with everything!

momo3 said...

these earrings beautiful! love them! thanks, kristen


Jack and Daynalee said...

Love these earings! Your jewelry is gorgeous! I hope I WIN! yay! (I also hope all is going well with you... what are you up to these days?)

Lindsay said...

Mariah, beautiful earrings....I hope I win! I put a shoutout on my blog and put a link to your blog and etsy site on my sidebar. Good luck!

Amyee Williams said...

Hey sweetie i love the earings and i just LOVE all your Jewelry!!! I have done everything but buy and customize the jewelry but i will soon!!!! Hope you and the family is well miss you girl!!!!

Anne Nichols said...

Yay, I love giveaways! I totally forgot that you had an Etsy store too! I added you to my faves list. :)

Oh, I put a link to your blog on the sidebar of my blog too.

Hope you're doing well, and I'll talk to you soon!

Amy said...

add me! I am glad you came over to my blog and left a comment in my give-away!