Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Feature!

Here are three more great etsy shops that I'd love to share with you! The first one is called U Name It. Valerie has some great items in her shop!! One of my favorites is called "Custom Handpainted Canvas in Crazy Giraffe." What do you think?

The next shop that I want to feature is called La Petite Boutique De Bandeaux. Here is a little about this store and the products in it straight from the mouth of the artist!

"Our store provides high-end headbands and hair accessories for fashion minded ladies.

Style and quality are paramount here. With this in mind, we've endeavored to use only the finest quality materials from places like France, England, and Australia, as well as homegrown products in the US. Each piece is loving handcrafted and one-of-a-kind."

I love lilies, so the "Glamorous Tropical Lily Hair Clip" was an obvious favorite of mine!

Ok, and the last shop that I'd like to include today is called Blue Sky Art. Ali is a painter and has some cool paintings in her shop. One of my favorites is called "Little Song Sparrow."

Check out these great shops! And come back soon!

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Alicia Istanbul said...

Cool shops. If I had longer hair I'd try out one of those pretty hairbands. That little birdie at the end is so cute. And I think custom made name paintings make great gifts.