Monday, August 31, 2009

SIX Great Etsy Shops!!

So since I slacked on the features last week I figured I'd play catch up and do six in one post today!! The first shop for this mega-feature is...

Elizabeth offers unique, high quality, handknit clothing for babies and adults. She has some very warm and cozy items in her shop, but one of my favorites is this amazing little hoodie for an infant. It has a zipper in the back!! How awesome is that! I don't think that I've ever seen a hoodie with a back zipper, but I love the idea! Plus this color is just so vibrant, how could you not like it? It is called "Blueberry Hoodie."

The next amazing shop for today is called......

This shop is full of great vintage items, as well as some wonderful handmade items. One of my favorite items in this shop is a vintage print called "My First Dance" by Maud Humphrey Bogart. It would be so cute in a little girl's room.

#3 is beberagz!!

This shop gets me SO excited for my little girl to arrive! This shop has so many adorable little crocheted hats and things. I had a very hard time picking just one picture to post, but finally decided on this little beauty called "Reanna."

Katie is a very talented fellow jewelry designer. She has some absolutely beautiful pieces of jewerly for sale in her shop. One of my favorites are these fun dangle earrings called "Crystal Earth Dangles."

#5 is Chantelle Nicole Designs!!

Chantelle is yet another amazing jewelry designer on etsy! She has some great sterling silver and copper hand-stamped jewelry in her shop. One of my favorites is called the "Tree of Growth Name Necklace." I love the simplicity of all of her designs.

And last but not least for today is......


This shop is filled with great fiber creations as well as some awesome soaps and lipbalms. As with all of these shops today, I have several favorites from this shop, but I've decided to include this very warm and cozy scarf called "Fiery Popcorn Scarf."

So that's it for today's feature! Hope you like these shops and go check out their other items!!

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