Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Great Items!!

So I've decided to feature other amazing etsy artisans periodically, so that I have more to blog about besides just myself!! I'm sure you get tired of me tooting my own horn all the time!! Anyways, today I wanted to do a few shops.

The first shop is called PURE Natural Minerals and Rose sells some amazing handcrafted mineral makeup at great prices. Here is a picture of one of her eye shadow sets that I love! It is called Earth Girl-Eye Shadow Mini Set. Check out her amazing makeup by clicking on her shop name above!

The next awesome shop is called Bazketmakr. Pamela makes and sells Fiber Art and Horsehair Baskets that are just beautiful. One of my favorite items in her shop is this amazing horsehair basket called Dark Filly. To see this and her other items check out her shop!

Ok, so the last shop that I'm going to feature today is Hell0Z0mbie. In her shop she has several types of items including photographs and jewelry. One of my favorites is one of her original artist trading cards called Old Wheel Photograph ACEO. Here is a picture of it! Check out her other fun things she has for sale in her shop!

Well I hope you enjoy these shops as much as I do! Also let me know what you think about the whole feature idea! I'm open for input!!


pamela said...

wow, thanks for the feature! I'm lovin' your necklaces, too, Mariah, obviously! I really like those bumpy irregular pearls in that necklace with the shell. We stay-at-home moms need to stick together! pamela

Jaci said...

Love Pamela's baskets! Her artistry is amazing, take a look at her shop or her website: http://www.pamelazimmerman.net/gallery.html


Midnightcoiler said...

Nice article, Mariah! I too am a bazketmakr fan!

The3Maries said...

Great feature!

serenade said...

Great feature and blog.