Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making Pinwheels {Tutorial}

Hello everyone!! I have been getting excited to decorate for Valentine's Day, and thought that I would share a fun and easy little project with you! 

How to make a pinwheel!! {This was my first attempt at making pinwheels, and I just looked at some pictures and tried to duplicate!} 

First I found some fun "love-y" scrapbooking paper and cut it into 6" squares.  {of course, any size squares will do!}

Then I drew a straight line from corner to corner, using a ruler.  This gave me the guide lines to cut, and also found the center of the square.

Next, cut along the lines, stopping about an inch from the center on each line.

I decided to use double stick tape to create the pinwheel shape. So just put a small piece directly in the center of the square.

Now, pick a corner and fold it in to the center, sticking it to the tape.

Then do the opposite corner.

Then add another small piece of tape to the center and fold the last two corners into the middle.
{Note:  make sure that you fold in the same side of the corner on all four sides. Does that make sense?}

And now you have a cute little pinwheel!! Of course its fun to embellish the center, and pin it to something so that it will spin!

 The double stick tape worked great for the regular weight paper, but for a thicker paper {like the sparkly one I used} hot glue worked best.

I did have a couple of failures :(  This paper was just too thick, even for hot glue. Not to mention the fact that the bar code was showing.  I also folded the wrong sides of the paper in on the one on the left, so the pinwheel was going the wrong direction.  Oh well, I have big plans for this paper now {they are just different plans!}

Here are the pretty finished products, Cute Valentine's Day Pinwheels!!

You will have to come back to see what I am doing with my pinwheels!

Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a tutorial! Have a great day!! {actually it should be night, since it is currently 1:00 am!}

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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

How fun!! I can't think of a better occasion than Valentine's Day to create pinwheels! Thanks so much for sharing at oopsey daisy!