Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Biggest Project of 2011

Other than bringing this little cutie into the world in October,

our biggest project of 2011 was our bathroom redo.  It just started out with us ripping out the wallpaper so that we could paint.  I decided to have my hubby take the mirror down so that I didn't have to paint around it.  What we found behind the mirror was a hole in the wall where a medicine cabinet had once been.  That wouldn't be too hard to fix, but inside the whole we could see that there was quite a bit of mold between the walls. :( YUCK.  So what was just going to be a new paint color, turned into a complete remodel of the bathroom.  This is the best before picture that I could find, it is from before we even put in the shower!
BUT, I do have some in the process pictures!

What a big mess!  We ended up tearing all of the drywall off of two walls, bleached and primed the studs and then put up new drywall.  We also took out the hall "closet" that took up a big chunk of the bathroom, and built new hall storage cabinets at the end of the hall in unused space!  A much better solution in my opinion!

Cosmetically we made a lot of changes as well.  We put in a new vanity, a new light fixture, a new mirror, new paint, (of course!) and new flooring.
Here are the first "after" photos:

I found this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. fabric and knew that it would be perfect for a shower curtain.  And with it a new color scheme for the bathroom was born!  I love the contrast of the black and green.

And now we have a beautiful bathroom! 
Have a fabulous day!

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