Friday, February 10, 2012

Bye Bye Frumpy Friday {3}

I have done even better this week at "getting ready" for the day!! It is amazing how much doing your hair and makeup, and putting on a cute outfit can do for your mood!! I definitely feel better about myself/life when I have taken the time to make myself cute!!

I didn't take a pic on Saturday.

Sunday--Went to church, so I wore a dress! {of course!}
            I L.O.V.E. this dress, but from the neck up could use some help!!

Monday:  Had a meeting.  Pretty much just comfy, and threw a scarf on to jazz it up a bit!

Tuesday--No pic.

Wednesday--Just stayed home, cute and comfy!

Thursday--Went out to lunch with a friend/fellow military wife, and then to dinner and bowling for another friend's birthday!  Cute outfit, and had a rockin' hair day!!!! {even though I just wore it curly}

Friday--Hung out at my mom's, and made sugar cookies with a friend!  Cute and comfy!

I am a fan of jeans, if you couldn't tell!  I pretty much wear jeans everyday except Sunday!!

{I tried to change up the poses a little!}


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