Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Blogger: Allison Brooks

I am so happy to have another article from a guest blogger! Allie is the mastermind behind her new blog Musings of a Curious Mind.

Valentine’s Day DIY Projects for Military Families

For military families, deployments and separations are often a regular and challenging occurrence. Two of the most essential tasks during a separation like this are supporting the service member and keeping the family connected. Here are some simple ideas the spouse and children at home can do to show support for the deployed service member and help the family stay as connected as possible during the separation. Theses fun and simple crafty creations can help bridge the long distance and bring the family closer together.

Photo Album or Scrapbook

Putting together a personalized photo album or scrapbook for mommy or daddy while he or she is overseas is a great project for kids to do. Older children can take the photos, and younger children can help decorate the pages with stickers. The project can be simple; photos of every day happenings around the house and stickers and markers to decorate the pages. A simple book full of pictures of their spouse and children doing every day things is a great reminder of home.

Notes and Reminders From Home

Before the service member leaves, take a box or container and decorate it with a special theme that is important to him or her. Ideas include branch specific symbols, a favorite sports team, or a hobby. You can personalize it using stickers, paint or even wooden letters that you can glue on to form words. Fill the box with supportive notes from friends and family, pictures of home and around town, and maybe even a scent that will remind him or her of home, like the same air freshener that you use at home. Children can get involved by writing notes or drawing pictures, and by helping to decorate the box. Send the box with your service member and tell him or her to open it when they get there. The supportive notes and other reminders of home will comfort him or her while he or she is far from home.

Themed Boxes

Whether it is for a holiday or for no special reason, send a unique care package with a special theme. A Valentine's Day care package can be decorated with red and pink heart stickers or colored on with red and pink markers. The children can all make special Valentines with notes or pictures. Let the kids pick out candy that will not melt in the mail. You might also create a special video message of all of the family members to include in the package.

What you make and send your service member will be highly personal and depend on the needs and preferences of your family and service member. The most important part is to make what you send personal and show your service member you are thinking of and supporting him or her.

Thank you Allie for the article, and good luck with your new blog!!


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